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Sakura Con 2014

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 20, 2014, 8:08 PM
Just got back from Sakuracon. Had a great time. I'll posts some cosplay photos later this week when I have some time to go through all the pictures, I might draw another comic of my adventures too, but we'll see about that.

----- EDIT ---- Now that I've rested up, I'm able to write an actual entry about the con.

Had a good time at the convention. I cosplayed as Wanderer/Traveler Judai (post series). I was also genderbended and formal Judai. This is the third time I've cosplayed from GX and I still find new things to talk about each time. I wasn't as smiley this time, because of the rain and some other things, but I still had a good time and met lots of nice people. Might see me there next year!

I didn't end up wearing the Asuka/Alexis cosplay I made, but that was the spare in case something happened. I can wear it another time. My friend ended up borrowing it for one evening after an event because she didn't want to change back into her own more complicated cosplay when we were kind of in a hurry.

Only one person asked me if I had a Kuriboh on my head. I think it’s because LK hasn’t put up many videos in the last year so it’s not on people’s minds. Still, I’ve heard it so often that this time I literally waved them off with with a sigh, not sure if I laughed much. Sometimes I think I’m smiling, but I’m not. Not much I can do about that. It was a bit of a relief to not hear as many abridged quotes, since they got kind of old for me. Though I can still appreciate quoting with people, but that didn't happen this year either. Neither a good nor bad thing.

I think I was in artist’s alley that someone talked to me about Yugioh and said they only liked the original and stuff like that. I told them I hear that a lot. Which I do, so I’m used to it and didn’t think much of it actually. I think I might have looked really down or something, because they quickly said something that about how as long as I like GX is  what matters. I agreed with them.
If I cared about what people thought about my interests, I probably wouldn’t have been cosplaying at an Japanese pop culture convention in the first place, and certainly not from an anime that takes as much crap on the internet. I like GX, and I’m okay with that. A lot of people don’t like GX, and I’m okay with that. We’ve all got our things and I appreciate when people are nice about it.

One morning I got rained on. Then a guy stopped me to get a picture and I guess I didn't smile enough, because he commented about how Jaden is supposed to be "all happy". I had to hold my tongue to keep from lecturing about how he just seems that way because he's excitable about dueling, something that he does a lot, and how even that feeling goes away multiple times and is never completely restored after a while. I did that thing where I completely paused and took a deep breath, I've got these comments before, no different than many other Judai cosplayers I'm sure, but my friend popped in and said I wasn't that version of Jaden. Which was kind of true, but I still wanted to correct both that he's normal/average and he experiences a wide range of emotions and expressions and I'm sure he wouldn't be thrilled about getting rained on either (and the gaming room was being used for non-duel monsters tournaments). I also had my Yubel plushie with me and the dark blue pants and the correct shirt, so I thought it should have been obvious I was young adult/grown-up Judai. It's so much easier to ignore those comments about "happy-go-lucky" and "stupid" Jaden on the internet, but it was difficult to hold back in person. I slipped a couple times last year and told myself not to do that because it's unpleasant and frankly, the people who aren't really into the series don't care and whatever I say won't change their minds, which is fine and normal.

I was quite pleased to see more GX cosplayers this year. I was lonely the last couple of conventions I went to as a GX cosplayer. There was even a Yusei from 5Ds, who was very nice to chat with. The photographer for the photoshoot never showed up, and we weren't the only ones this happened to. The weather caused problems. But we still got our own pictures and I was glad for that.

Met lots of nice people. This convention sure flew by. Not sure how. I went to fewer panels and didn't do a bunch of the things I had planned to. The only major difference I can think of was that since I didn't go to as many panels, I didn't spend a lot of time waiting in lines or waiting to wait in lines, so there was less dead time.

I hope I can go again next year. These things are fun and I like to see everyone's amazing and even mediocre cosplays as they display their interests and fandoms. Most of them are nice people too.

I’ve got more to say about the convention, but I’ve leave this at that for now. I will say it was fun though. Jaden is a fun cosplay.

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